DJT — Impeachment Season Two.

Yesterday I posted the video of Jamie Raskin’s opening comments in the impeachment trial. That speech should be heard by every American. He’s been a professor of constitutional law for three decades and knows our Constitution.

During his opening statements he also showed a video of the January 6th insurrection at the capital. It wasn’t in that post so I’m posting it here. It’s breathtaking in its scope and devastating in it’s violence.

On January 6th, I watched the president’s speech. I watched as the capital attack unfolded that day, flipping between 7 or 8 different Live streaming feeds . I watched feeds from Breitbart, Infowars, and PBS as well as local news stations from Florida and MSM.

I had a vague idea of the scope and the violence of what went on but even all I saw from all those live streams couldn’t capture the breadth of what went on. The video below however, shows in a timeline the horrific scope, the hatred and violence of it all.

I know 7 people who attended the January 6th rally. They all swear DJT did not incite this angry violent mob. One of them tried to tell me it was ANTIFA. When I posted videos that contradicted the things he was saying, he unfriended me here on FB and cut all ties with me.

We had been friends for 9 years. I had gone to the opening of his art gallery. I had supported him when he played open mike night at Founders Brewing.

From what I could see, he changed drastically at a certain point during the pandemic. He became an angry hateful person lashing out against people wearing masks, shilling conspiracies and grumbling about our governor.

He was there the day the Michigan capital was occupied by a mob of angry MAGA supporters with guns. He posted videos on FB. He had previously called the Governor names and spewed vitriol against her just as DJT had done on Twitter and at his rallies.

We all know, even if some of us have not attended a DJT rally, how he riles up his crowds just as he has done since he was a candidate in 2015. He may not have said the words “Lock her up” at his rallies against Hillary but, he encouraged it and did nothing to stop it.

The same thing happened when he spewed vitriol about Governor Whitmer, calling her “half Whit mer” on Twitter.

At DJT’s rallies, even when he wasn’t in Michigan, his vitriol against the Michigan Governor resulted in angry shouts of “Lock Her Up!” He only smiled and took it in.

Occupation of Michigan Capital

The attack on the Michigan capital was a preview of what would later happen at the US capital on a much larger, more violent and deadly scale.

On October 8, 2020, the U.S. FBI announced the arrests of 13 men suspected of orchestrating a domestic terror plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan, and otherwise violently overthrow the state government. These men had planned the kidnapping and possibly killing of Governor Whitmer. Several had attended DJT rallies and two of them were there the day of the Michigan capital occupation.

You may say DJT bears no responsibility for any of these incidents. Of course, free speech. There was no spoken evidence to appear at the trial of Charles Manson but, he’s been rotting in jail because of what his words compelled his followers to do….

Furthermore, doesn’t the POTUS have a responsibility to ALL the People? Doesn’t his position of power carry more responsibility than your average Charles, Ken or Karen on the street?

The seven people I know who attended the “Stop the Steal” rally at the capital drove all the way from Michigan, Florida and Illinois. And, in fact, die-hard DJT supporters came from every state in the union. My friend took his 15 year-old son to the rally to “see how democracy works”.

I don’t hate or disrespect the people I know who went to the rally at the capital. I Love every one of them. I’m sad about my friend who cut me out of his life. I worry about him and wonder if he’s OK.

I’m quite sure none of my friends participated in the actual physical violence that took place. Perhaps they were not even close enough to see and hear the hatred and violence that took control of the crowd…

All the people I know who still support the ex-president, and even some who don’t support him are saying, in relation to the 2nd impeachment, “He’s out of office now. What does it matter?”

As a parent who’s raised 2 wonderful children to be amazing adults, the answer to that is simple. When rules are broken and there are no consequences, a parent’s influence dies and the children act out. Parents that impose rules with no consequences lose the respect of their children.

If there are no consequences for our president who called his most loyal followers to the capital at the exact time all of our elected representatives were gathered there to certify the election, whose loyal followers adjourned immediately after his speech to commit a violent insurrection against the government their president was sworn to protect, we are doomed as a country.

It’s not so much the ex-president who’s on trial during this impeachment, it’s our Senators. They will be judged by history.

During this impeachment trial it’s The United States of America and our Constitution that’s on trial.

God Bless America.

~ The Happy Wayfarer




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