How I Earned 11% in 15 hours on Some Extra Cash I had Sitting Around and You Can Too.

The Happy Wayfarer
2 min readMay 30, 2020


Did you know there’s a Super Simple way you can earn some high interest on extra cash you have sitting around?

A couple days ago, on May 25th, when I checked the money I had in my account at 8:00 am it was $31.92 and by 11 pm that night I had $35.44. That’s an 11% increase in my money in only 15 hours!

I use this strategy with my emergency cash and usually try to keep about $300 in the account for emergencies.

You can get started doing this in a matter of minutes with just a few quick steps. Here’s how:

  1. Go here and install Cash App on your Phone and hook it up to your bank account. When you use my link you’ll get a free $5 when you send your first $5 or more.
  2. Add some cash to your app and convert it to Bitcoin.
  3. Wait for it to go up when Bitcoin appreciates then convert it back to cash.

Obviously, this isn’t going to happen every day and you could even lose money. However, there are ways to earn a steady 5% or more on your investments in the cryptocurrency space. That’s a lot more than the laughable .6% my bank was offering me the other day.

I’ve been investigating the crypto space for two years and what I’ve discovered is that there’s a whole other economic system being built that doesn’t rely on governments, the banks or fiat currency to survive. What I’ve discovered is that you can be your own banker and earn 5% or more lending out your investments.

What I’ve discovered is that Bitcoin is important for your finances, your future and your freedom.

Check out my story about my Journey to Financial Independence here on Medium.

~ The Happy Wayfarer