January 6th 2021

How, as a country did we get to this point today?

Today is a Sad Day for our Country.

For me, the lesson is clear when we look towards our leaders. That lesson is that Character = Destiny. We have to pick our leaders for their character.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Josh Hawley flashed the white power sign when the protestors broke into the capital building. He and Senator Cruz need to be crucified for their seditious acts.

There was a single point in time where our leaders had a choice to stand on their character and change this destiny. It was 11 months ago. The speech below sums up that very low point in our history where GOP Senators chose the wrong path and they need to be held accountable for it.

Their only argument was “let the people decide” and the people did decide….

The bottom line of this speech is character = destiny.

We all need to listen to it again in this moment.

Rep. Adam Schiff Impeachment Closing Argument

~ The Happy Wayfarer



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