Moscow Mitch McConnell

I know that Mitch McConnell looks more like an old turtle and seems like he’s always hiding in his shell, doing the bidding of his masters behind the scenes but, to the presidents, he’s seen more as a dog.

A dog can be a man’s best friend or he can be a human dog, a rat-dog if you will. Moscow Mitch, as an excellent politician, can be either type of dog as the situation requires. As speaker of the house, he’s OK at speaking but, it’s the stuff he does in the background, behind closed doors, in congressional offices and in back alleys that make him effective and give him power.

Mitch doesn’t really have much of a backbone though, always does things in the dark and comes at his enemies from behind. He’s not a big dog, a majestic beautiful dog, a loyal dog, a poodle or even a mutt. He’s a pooch.

As a dog, you may be tempted to characterize M.M. as a mongrel but, he’s a pooch. Yes, I know, the word pooch is usually used as a term of endearment but, that’s not the way I’m using it here.

Pooch is the word for dog but it’s also the word for a sagging stomach. Mitch’s most prominent feature is his exaggerated wattle, which is kind of like a neck pooch. For these reasons and those listed above, Mitch is the pooch of the GOP.

Kentucky Billboard during Senate campaign

Donald Trump’s Attempt to Seize Power

Two days ago, Donald Trump attempted to seize power from the American people, override the time honored process of American Democracy that was working it’s way through our joint session of congress and steal an American election by sending forth his loyal minions to threaten, and interrupt that sacred process happening in the hallowed halls of congress.

As we all know, his coup was unsuccessful. and now the question remains for congress and the American people to decide what to do, how to proceed to hold accountable the most powerful person on the face of the planet, the person in whom we’ve (at least some of us) have put our trust.

What Comes Next?

As an American citizen who’s been mildly alarmed for the past four years at the antics of this POTUS, and now is OUTRAGED and ANGRY at, not just the POTUS but also at his enablers in congress and to a lesser degree his mindless followers who perpetrated this sacrilege and desecration of “the people’s house”, I WANT ACTION NOW! I want decisive action from congress to address this grievance!

IMHO, Donald J Trump was unfit to serve as our president before he was elected and never earned the title. That’s something many Americans have been arguing for four years but, that’s now in the past. We only have 13 more days. We only have 13 more days but, that doesn’t mean we should just wait it out! We Need To TAKE IMMEDIATE and DECISIVE ACTION NOW! We Need Immediate and Decisive action from our representatives and congress and we need the TRAITOR out of the White House Now!

What Are Our Options?

It seems to me like congress has been exploring the option of invoking the 25th but, many Cabinet members have been resigning so that will not work.

Seems to me that resignation would be the best and maybe only choice if enough pressure was being put on him.

Mitch McConnel is the Lynchpin

Mitch obviously has All the Power now even if it’s only temporary so, he could assure a 2nd impeachment. They could probably accomplish a 2nd impeachment in a matter of hours now that both sides have the motivation to do it.

The only choices are to stick by the disgraced POTUS or distance yourself from him. Sticking by him at this point is pretty much political suicide if you plan to appeal to a large and diverse constituency.

Making a clean and decisive break, condemning the IMPOTUS and ejecting him from office before his 13 days run out is the only logical road if the GOP is going to survive in any form whatsoever besides under Trumpism. As it is it looks like a split which means no power against the Democrats for the forseeable future.

Of course, MM has never cared about anything whatsoever except delivering for the people who pay his bills. I doubt very many of them will be sending $$ his way now that he’s a minority and it’s come to this.

Perhaps, if we’re lucky, he’ll be motivated enough by the idea of doing the right thing for the American people to try and erase some of the stain of his past actions….. we can only pray!

The Demagogue-in-Chief

Despite the fact that many pundits, the media and most especially our elected officials have cheered on, enabled and done the dirty work of our corrupt, power-hungry, bullying, overbearing, sociopathic, narcissistic president, they now feign surprise at what it’s come to.

Despite what it seems and we’ve experienced for the last 4 years, IMHO DJT is actually a genius in 1 or 2 areas. Sure, he sucks in everything else but, his genius is what gives him his power. We don’t understand it because it’s not often seen. We need to castrate him of as much of his power as possible, as quickly as possible for the sake of our democracy and the future safety of the American people.

Qanon, Cult45, The Future of Democracy and American Security

I don’t know if everyone is oblivious, if they’re unaware of cause-and-effect or if they just prefer to not face up to obvious problems but, Donald Trump has the ability to command almost God-like allegiance to himself despite all his many-fold shortcomings. And, that God-like allegiance is also the #1 attribute of a cult leader.

I’ve never been in a cult or been under the spell of a megalomaniacal cult leader but…. Hello?

Cult Leader + Conspiracy Theory = Frenzied Hordes Causing Chaos and Destruction

I don’t know if Donald Trump or one of his cronies is behind Qanon but, as the president, he re-tweeted it’s theories 14 times this past 4th of July. He’s also referenced and dog whistled their ideas many more times. Even if the POTUS isn’t responsible for Qanon, it’s part of his group of radicals which include white supremacists and others like The Proud Boys.

January 6th 2021 was a very sad day in US history. It was perhaps the lowest point in the history of our country’s 244 year democracy. It was an attack against our constitution, our rule of law and every American who belives in the ideals set forth in our Constitution.

We Need to Have Clear and Immediate Action!

The DANGER is, the longer we allow this grifter, cult-leader, megalomaniac him to remain in power and not take CLEAR DECISIVE ACTION to eject this traitor, the weaker will be our democracy, our leaders and the US as a people and as a country!

We need to keep the pressure on because the only way he’ll leave before the 20th is if he’s forced. We the people have to force our leaders to force this madman out and not just wait for him to miraculously disappear!

IMPOTUS has Screwed the Pooch

Donald Trump has screwed the pooch. Was there any question about it happening? It was only a matter of when because every head that didn’t bow to his supreme authority and kiss his ass got fired. The reckless, corrupt and un-American actions of our president have finally backed MM into a corner.

The assault on our capital, our rule of law, our democracy and our constitution has finally forced Mitch McConnell to draw a line and take a stand against the traitor in the white house. He and Lindsay Graham both made speeches against the actions of their commander in chief.

RESIGNATION will only be an option if 45 is forced to do it. Let’s put pressure today, not only on our representatives but, also on Moscow Mitch. IMPOTUS must be forced to decide between impeachment or to #ResignNow

~ The Happy Wayfarer




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The Happy Wayfarer

The Happy Wayfarer

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