Sacred Places

Some of My Favorite Sacred Places

I’ve lived a lot of different places in my life and every place I’ve lived, I’ve had a “Sacred Place” not too far from my home. We all need a sacred place, a sacred space to call our own.

My sacred places have ranged everywhere from sitting under a special tree, to the top of a mountain, to a boulder-top depression next to a babbling brook to Frederik Meijer Gardens, to a swimming hole in a mountain stream, to a secluded Lake Michigan beach. What they all have in common is, they were near enough to home I could visit them in fairly short order.

The Art of Nature and the Art of Man

My sacred places are in four different states scattered from California to Michigan. All these places and more hold special memories for me. They’re all outdoors in nature and, God willing, I’ll visit them time-and-again on my travels through the rest of my life.

What Makes a Sacred Place?

I think of my sacred place as somewhere I can go for a mini vacation, a place to get away from everything and unwind. For me, most of those places are outdoors but, it could be an indoor area or even a place with a lot of people like an ice skating rink at night. I used to enjoy going to the mall and a small airport to just sit and people-watch. Find something that works for you.

Your sacred place could be in your back yard or on your front porch. You can have several sacred places but, there will always be one, special sacred place you love above them all.

My Current Sacred Place

My current sacred place is a secluded beach on Lake Michigan. It’s a four mile bike ride and a half-mile hike over wooded dunes to get there but, it’s well worth it.

My Favorite (secluded) Beach

Today the weather was Absolutely Perfect and I had the whole beach to myself as far as I could see except for some gulls on the beach in the distance.

There’s nothing more relaxing than spending a few hours on the beach.

Swimming in Lake Michigan then lying on a beach towel in the sun listening to the waves coming in has to be the most relaxing thing there is to do on earth. Lake Michigan is So Amazing! It’s like the ocean except without the salt and all the sea creatures.


This was on the beach at a distance from me. It’s about 3 feet high. Looking down the beach at it, I thought it was a crane. When it hadn’t moved in quite a while, I walked down the beach to check it out and discovered creative Beach Art

The one thing that’s great about any sacred place in nature is that it’s always changing with time and the seasons.

Do You Have a Sacred Place?

Most Native American tribes believe the earth is sacred and certain places are magical, powerful and life-giving. They also believe that living is a process of creation that involves the earth and every life form interacting in a sort of cosmic dance.

A sacred place is a place to reconnect to the entirety of life, to become grounded and centered in the sacred web of life that we’re all a part of. It’s a place to re-connect and re-charge. A sacred place, for me, is where I can go to re-connect to the greater part of who I am. We all deserve our own sacred place.

Find yourself a sacred place and abide in its sacred energy, its renewing and life-giving magic every so often. You’ll be happy you did.

~ The Happy Wayfarer




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The Happy Wayfarer

The Happy Wayfarer

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