The Crypto Gravy Train

If you’ve missed the Crypto gravy train so far, Now may be one of your last chances to get on board.

Ride the Crypto Gravy Train


Mass adoption is coming fast and exponentially faster.

Amazon just announced it will be accepting crypto payments.

Why is this a Big Deal?

Amazon will start out accepting Bitcoin then probably a couple stable coins then some other cryptos they’re looking at.

The Big Deal is that accepting crypto payments is a way to bypass the credit card company charges.

Credit card companies charge 1.5% to 4% or more on every credit card transaction. Retail sales only average net profit of between 2% — 5%. Virtually eliminating credit card transactions will add that 3% or so directly to a companiy’s bottom line profits. This will essentially double the profits of all retail sales companies. Who wouldn’t take this route?

Furthermore, there will be no more chargebacks because of stolen credit cards. The money is either in your crypto wallet or it isn’t. If you get currency stolen from your crypto wallet, that’s on you.

Do you think Amazon will push mass adoption of crypto to almost double their profits? Do you think they’ll incentivise their buyers to use crypto for payents? Do you think every retail sales company will start jumping in and accepting crypto payments in order to compete and double the profits on their bottom lines?

This was the moment mass adoption of crypto became certain.

Amazon making the announcement that it would start accepting crypto payments was the moment we’ve all been waiting for! If you’ve held back from Crypto investing for whatever reason, Now is the time to get on board.

The Crypto gravy train is leaving the station very soon and, unless you’re onboard, you may be missing the ride of a lifetime! It’s definitely not too late.

My journey into crypto investing has been a most excellent learning experience. My first Bull Run from December 2020 till May 2021 was one of the most exciting experiences of my life… and Now we’re getting ready to do it again only Exponentially BIGGER!


~ The Happy Wayfarer




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The Happy Wayfarer

The Happy Wayfarer

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