World Poetry Day

Today is World Poetry Day.

I wanted to share a poem today. Many of my favorite poets came to mind. I thought and thought but I couldn’t come up with a poem that I felt would express the energy of the day and hour we’re living through right now.

Then, Carl Sagan popped into my mind and, most specifically, this video clip from his Cosmos series.

What he talks about is our place in the Cosmos, our place in the greater scheme of creation.

Carl had a gift for describing the stars, the universe and our place in it that straddled both science and spirituality.

Listening to his stories based squarely in the science of the material Universe always inspired in me a sense of wonder and awe, the gift of human life and a humbling sense of my humanity.

In this day and age with 24/7 bombardment of bad news, chaos, violence, and war about the outside world, it’s good to get a wider perspective.

In this day and age where everything is reduced to soundbites, memes and tic-toc drive-by exchanges, the most refreshing awareness I’ve found is simply being present and real with another human being.

At one time in our lives we’ve all been in a place of awe and wonder about the world around us. Poetry can be a word path of awe and wonder.

On this World Poetry day take a few minutes and immerse yourself in this throwback as Carl Sagan guides you on a path of awe and wonder.

There is a Poetry of the Universe we can all tap into…

Thank you Carl Sagan

~ The HAppy Wayfarer




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